Who is involved ?


There will be 20 Franchises who will each receive $250K pm, or US$3m pa.


Where will they come from ?

The following countries will be involved


USA 8 teams
Canada 2 teams
Argentina 1 team
Brazil 1 team
Europe 4 teams
Pacific Rim 2 teams
South Africa 2 teams


We are also in talks with other countries such as Australia and Japan.

Tournament Logos

Each country involved has their own logo


Unprecented global sponsorship opportunities in several different categories. From Energy Drinks to Beer to Hotels,Car rental to Airlines & Telecomunications to Automotive and Oil & Gas. The tournament breaks the mold of all pasts tournaments outside the Rugby World cup and takes the sport into countries & territories previously ignored and starved of quality rugby. Click HERE to learn more about sponsorship & partner opportunites.